Report on your travel expenditure & manage your travel expenses.

Centralise all of your travel expenditure reporting and travel expenses management with Taptrip.

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Linking your travel expenditure and your travel expenses together will save you time and money. Quick reporting, simple expense creation and easy exports of the data you need.

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Start understanding your travel expenditure

Get control & coverage with Taptrip. View your travel expenditure, total number of booking and number of cancellations / bookings. Easily view this data based on a selected date range and export into a CSV format covering your travel expenditure and linking your travel bookings to individual purchase orders.

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dashboard showing number of bookings, number of cancellations & delays and total travel expenditure
change dashboard report data by a date range using the calendar picker
all dashboard data is exportable into CSV format
export all dashboard data including purchase orders against individual bookings

Instead of collating all of your paper receipts…

Taptrip automates expense reporting for you. Just scan your receipts on-the-go and submit your expense report when you’re ready. Expenses made the easy way.

New feature

Expenses dashboard

View and manage all of your teams expenses in one place. Filter expenses by employee name, date ranges and custom created tags (such as cost centres or office location).

New feature

Web expenses

Create your expense claims directly from the Taptrip web portal. Add payment information, purchase orders, tax amounts, VAT numbers, custom tags and easily upload associated receipts for your expense claim.

New feature

Mobile expenses

Create your expense claims directly from the Taptrip mobile app. Simply take batch photos of your receipts and add associated information. We've added OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to help quickly add information where possible.

New feature

Expense approvals

Finance, operations or team managers can easily view expense information and decline / approve expense claims for individual employeess.

New feature


Easily export all expenses information into a CSV which can them be uploaded into the accounting software of your choice.

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