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Introducing The Taptrip business travel mobile app for travellers on the go.

Book flights, hotels and rail tickets while on the move. Create an expense claims in just a few taps.

taptrip mobile app
Searching for flight tickets
Search results for flight tickets

Search for all of the travel options you need

Flights, hotels, trains and ground transport all bookable in one simple to use mobile app

Global inventory

Budget airlines, flagship carriers & hotels globally. Rail coverage in the UK, Netherlands & Belgium.

Full control

Any booking created on the mobile app is automatically reported on in your Taptrip dashboard.

Personalised for the traveller

The more bookings your create, the more tailored options we provide you with as we learn what you like and dislike.

Calendar integrated

View all of your travel options around your calendar to see how it affects your day.


Upgrades and filters made easy

  • Ticket upgrades

    Easily upgrade your train tickets, flights and hotel room options in one place in a few simple steps.

  • Filtering options

    Easily change your search criteria to view travel options that are suited around your individual needs and budget.

  • Need to make any changes?

    Simply contact your Partner Success Manager or a Travel Heroe to change / amend your bookings.

Over of all itineraries on Taptrip
Overview of Taptrip train tickets

Everything you need for travelling in one place

Centralised itineraries

Manage all of your travel itineraries in one place while on the go.

Expense claims

Simply create an expense claim from your individual itineraries in a few simple taps.

Easy access to mobile tickets

Use your mobile train tickets to scan in and out of train stations with ease.

Calendar and email tickets

Once you've confirmed your booking, your tickets / itinerary are added to your mobile app and you are sent a calendar invite via your email.

OCR scanning of a passport from Taptrip mobile app
OCR scanning of a receipt from Taptrip mobile app

OCR technology to simplify your travel & expenses experience

  • Easily scan receipts while on the go

    Scan receipts with ease every time you need to create an expense claim. Our OCR technology automatically captures the receipt date, total amount, tax amount, VAT number and expense description.

  • Scan your passport for all your flight bookings

    Easily scan your passport photo page and save the information for future use.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Our OCR technology continuously learns every time you scan a new type of receipt or passport. A smarter solution that adapts over time.

Overview of all your expense claims on the Taptrip mobile app
Creating an expense claim on the Taptrip mobile app

Create expense claims from the comfort of your train seat whenever you need

  • Scan receipts while on the go

    While you are getting that train to your next destination, why not take a couple of minutes to easily create an expense claim?

  • Attach existing receipts from your phone

    If you have images to receipts or PDFs from your email, simple attach them from your phone.

  • No more annoying paper receipts

    The days of holding hundreds of paper receipts are gone. Don't make your expense claim process a headache, make it painless.

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