Book & manage your business travel easily with Taptrip.

Book and manage all of your business travel and expenses in one place. Hotels, flights, rail and ground transportation. All of the inventory you need in a centralised solution.

Searching for train tickets on Taptrip
Searching for flights on Taptrip mobile app

Everywhere and everything. All in one place.

Book all of your travel in one place. Whether you're an individual booking a flight for yourself or an Office Manager booking a train ticket for a group of 5 people, you can do this with Taptrip.

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Book all of your business travel in one simple to use solution. Empower individual travellers, Personal Assistants and Office Managers

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As an Office Manager or Personal Assistant, easily book and manage your travellers…

Create group bookings, understand who's travelling, manage users and bulk invite new users.

Creating a group booking for travellers by an office manager

Group booking

You can easily book travel for groups ranging from 2 people and beyond. Simply select who's travelling and we will automatically add the travel itinerary to their mobile app account and send relevant information via email.

External travellers

If you need to book travel for individuals who do not have an account with Taptrip, you can do this easily with our external user feature. Simply add the individuals name and email, we will handle the booking and communication to this traveller.

duty of care tracking in real time

Duty of Care

Easily track who is travelling today. Review travel information, contact information and export this data where necessary.

manage all users on your Taptrip account

Manage users

View and overview of all of your users across your company account. View how many upcoming bookings and how many pending expense claims your users have.

bulk invite users to Taptrip

Travel policy

Create an easy to understand travel policy that your employees will follow. Save an average of 30% on your monthly travel spend by implementing a travel policy.

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